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Color meme by retropiink
Color meme
Color meme from tumblr

I finally finish this challenge! I started it in Summer, but I took a break haha. Anyhow, it was very interesting to do it! It makes me improve my drawing and coloring skills. I recommand to anybody who want to improve their skills! It's a good exercice! And you have fun hehe! Most of drawings are requested by my IRL friends haha
I had a lot of fun to do it. I drew characters I never did before. Or I drew some characters I didn't drawn for a while (JIGGY PEPPER AAAH)
Want to see each drawing separately : Here
1: Harry Potter
2: David Falk, Dark-mystery Pottermore OC
3: Souhei Hiyosa, L'héritage du chanteur de rue, my OC
4: Sailor Mercury
5: Elisa Aikawa, L'héritage du chanteur de rue, my OC
6: Taiga Aisaka, toradora
7: Sailor Moon
8: Toshiro Hitsugaya, Bleach
9: Spain, Axis Powers Hetalia
10: Jiggy Pepper, Tegami Bachi
11: Empoleon, Pokémon
12: Chrome Dokuro (TYL), Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
13: Lighting Farron, Final Fantasy
14: Eppie Griggs, NeipyPien Pottermore OC
15: Elena Hatheway, my Pottermore OC in Ragnarok Professor outfit
16: Anfu,
17: Link, Legend of Zelda
18: Sylveon, Pokémon

Art (c) me
Pocket Monsters XY by retropiink
Pocket Monsters XY
Few months ago, I finished Pokemon X game and started to read the XY chapters of Pokespe... And I love Y. She is very cute and strong-willed. I like this kind of character. I think it's one of the reasons why I like Pokespe: girls are not useless like few typical shonen mangas... I actually like the bond X and Y shared. They are childhood friend. And Y always tried to help X to get out of his room. So yea, I kinda ship them, even though some of you may see them as siblings hehe

X & Y (c) Pokemon Special
Art (c) me
Autumn leaves by retropiink
Autumn leaves
Autumn is one of my favourite season. We got cooler weather, the sun set earlier, we start to wear warmer clothes and scarf... But I love to watch leaves falling. I think it's really relaxing.
I love doing a autumn theme drawing. Red, orange and brown are nice colors to mix with!

Elisa Aikawa (c) L'héritage du chanteur de rue, mine.
Happy birthday Sapphire ! by retropiink
Happy birthday Sapphire !
I AM BACK!!!!!

Duh, have been a while since the last time I uploaded a drawing on dA... The last drawing I posted here was on January 2014. Almost 2 years! Sorry guys, I was kinda busy and many things happened in my life (mostly good things!)
A small update about me : I finally finished my university studies! Now I will have more time to draw and I want to come back on dA! Sharing my drawings are very something I really love and cherish. And guess what? I am back on PokeSpe fandom haha!
I was away from this fandom cause I was kinda annoyed by it. I guessed I did a sorta overdose of Pokemon. But few weeks ago I finally finished Pokemon X game and I bought Alpha Sapphire and... it makes me nostalgic!

Today is Sapphire's birthday! She is still and will always be my favourite character from Pokespe. Hope you like the drawing! I wanted to share a friendship, first love and happiness feelings in this drawing. Friendship, Hoenn dex holders share this bond. First love, for Ruby and Sapphire (My OTP is still franticshipping mouhahaha). And happiness for Sapphire!

Ruby, Sapphire Birch & Emerald (c) Pokemon Special
Art (c) me


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
23 years old | 15.10.1992 | Paris | Varied Artist | Twitter | YouTube | Tumblr

Living in France close to Paris, having Chinese Teochew origin. I describe myself as a calm but whimsical girl who can do some crazy things when the mood is here. But I don't like being noticed and feel often uncomfortable with unknown people.
I'm mostly a fanartist, but I also enjoy to create Original Characters and their story. My current OC project is L'héritage du chanteur de rue. I'm kinda fond of music which is my main inspiration.

Food is my bride ♥
:bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::iconretropiink: :heart: :icondark-mystery::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow:

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